A mindful look at society by a social scientist. Find more of my work, including my podcast, at feliciafalconer.com


  • Andrew Gaertner

    Andrew Gaertner

    I am a white, midwestern, cis male, het, raised Lutheran, organic farmer and Montessori educator. I live in Wisconsin and am connected to Honduras.

  • Lynn Heinrich

    Lynn Heinrich

  • LeeAnn Summerfield

    LeeAnn Summerfield

    Author of “Something To Say”

  • Jan Sebastian

    Jan Sebastian

    I had a stroke so I can’t walk or talk, but I can write! Just a new chapter in life. I love the journey…..By me a cup of coffee Ko-fi.com/jansebastian5419

  • Coco


    I am an odd person. ....but I’m ok with that.

  • Paul Fiery

    Paul Fiery

    Observing. Gathering and curating ideas. Getting ready.

  • Jerry Landry

    Jerry Landry

    Aiming for maximum cogency

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